A Mouthwatering Photo Tour of Eataly Boston

If I have one goal in life, one goal only, it’s to eat beautiful food. Are you with me?! Then take a peak into the Grand Opening VIP Event at Eataly Boston. Situated at 800 Bolyston Street in the Prudential Center, Eataly has scored a prime piece of 45,000 square foot real estate to delight any Bostonian or tourist.

Buzzing with excitement, Eataly opened it’s doors to Boston this week to unveil nothing short of their other locations but also giving it that neighborhood Boston charm. The people at Eataly were unbelievably kind, knowledgable and many even fluent in Italian! As I grazed from counter to counter with a glass of red in hand, I was delighted to speak with each employee who had much to teach me about their offerings.

I could have photographed the colors, the textures and the people all day. Eataly holds a special place in my heart as it was where my boyfriend took me on our first date. We met outside of the Flat Iron Building at the clock in New York City. Joey knew if he wanted the date to go well, he would have to feed me! Food is the secret to my heart. So we said hello over wine, cheese and honey one bitterly cold day in January in NYC.

Tucked away hidden from the excitement of the day was the Pasta Classroom, La Scuola di Eataly. Myself along with a few fellow bloggers were able to sneak in and get our very own personalized pasta making lesson. I was blown away with the knowledge and training skill set of Eataly’s Donna and Leonardo. With patience they taught us how to make and hand-roll pasta the Italian way! “Please don’t call them noodles, ever!” Leonardo joked with an Italian accent as we got down and dirty mixing flour and eggs. The pasta making lesson came with a side of learning a few Italian words. During our impromptu classroom training we used rolling pins and hand tools to cut and shape the pasta. The best part? I got to take mine home.

The beauty of Boston combined with the passion of Eataly can only mean one thing to the Mayor of Boston. During the press conference at the event, Mayor Walsh commented on the greatness of all Eataly locations but stated about Eataly Boston in typical Boston fashion, “Boston will be #1 and that’s what I’ll make sure of.”


For more on Eataly Boston please visit http://www.eataly.com

Eataly Boston



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