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I think one of the hardest pain points about being a parent is seeing your child sick or injured. We want to relieve their pain immediately but often times it’s hard to tell when to take your child to see a pediatrician and where. And what happens if the sickness or injury happens after your pediatrician’s office hours?

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There have been three times in total I’ve taken my daughter to an ER. Once we actually needed to visit the ER but the other two times, we could have just seen a pediatrician in a non-emergency setting. The last time was a Sunday evening at around 7 pm when my daughter started feeling sharp stomach pains that wouldn’t go away. Concerned that her pain wasn’t going away, I took her into the Emergency Room. Later we found out her experience was common and she could have been seen in a non-emergency setting except in that moment of “do I take my child to the ER?” I didn’t know there were other options.

As a medical family, it’s super important to us that we get the right care by the right clinicians. When it comes to our kids, we always want a clinician that specializes in children. PM Pediatrics offers 4 urgent care centers in the greater Philadelphia area. They are open Monday-Saturday from Noon until Midnight and Sunday from 10 am to Midnight (holiday hours vary by location. You do NOT need an appointment. With urgent care centers in Cherry Hill, NJ, Abington, Wynnewood and Wayne, PA, PM Pediatrics gives you options close by. At PM Pediatrics, there are many great nurses and staff on site but during your visit you always see a Pediatrician.

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PM Pediatrics

PM Pediatrics

PM Pediatrics urgent care offices were built with kids in mind. Each center is decorated in a theme. We visited the PM Pediatrics in Cherry Hill New Jersey which had a forest theme. Each room is equipped with a television, books and other kid friendly activities. The staff was so kind and offered Mia plenty of stickers, lollipops and a special toy from the toy box for very brave kids. If you’re between centers, here are the themes to choose from as I know anything that helps a sick child in need to give them some excitement while having their needs taken care of is a great thing! Cherry Hill, NJ is woodland themed, Wynnewood is Log Cabin, Abington is Safari themed and Wayne is beach themed.

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I had the privilege of sitting down with the Medical Director for Southern New Jersey, Doctor Alicia Rapson who also happened to be a new mom to 11- month old baby girl. After working as a physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and being a mom herself, Dr. Rapson totally gets it. She understands the level of care needed towards both children and nervous parents in urgent situations when a child is sick or injured. She was happy to answer some of our top questions when it comes to pediatric urgent care.

Please note our FAQ’s should not replace speaking to your pediatrician about your child’s specific concerns.

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How do you know to take your child in to see a Doctor?

First you have to trust your mommy (or parent) instinct. If you feel like something is wrong, it usually is. If your child has an obvious injury, fever and difficulty breathing or fever and developing a rapid purple rash or a cold lasting 4 days or more it’s time to see a pediatrician.

How is PM Pediatrics Different?

PM Pediatrics is designed to complement your pediatric office. They do not do wellness visits or immunizations however the can cover things that would not normally be found at your pediatric office. These services include wounds that require stitches, x-rays, labs injuries from broken bones, sprains or other minor trauma and dehydration requiring intravenous fluids.

When should a child immediately be taken to an emergency room?

 If your child is not breathing, unconscious or there is clearly an emergency injury or sickness where you would call 911.

Be sure to bookmark this post as I know you’ll want to come back to it the next time one of your kids is sick. PM Pediatrics also offers Urgent Care Centers Nationally so be sure to check by your zip code. Also, be sure to check out PM Pediatrics Blog Ask Dr. Christina for so many frequently health questions answered!

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