Keeping It All Together with Ford

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Juggling my career and the kids during the holidays takes extra energy and efficiencies. Keeping it all together can be a challenge. From packed calendars, tight work deadlines and last minute meetings to holiday concerts, preparing extra snacks and dishes for the multitude of Friendsgivings and celebrations in the classroom I can’t miss a beat. 

Keeping It All Together With Ford

Our Day to Day

As I pick up my seven year old daughter from gymnastics class she goes straight for her favorite spot in our Ford Explorer, right to the last row of extra “cool” seating, in her words. She’s adjusting her own temperature as she says to me “Mom!, Mom!”. I yelled to her jokingly “I can’t hear you?! Bailey can you hear me, you’re so far away!”. 

This is the first time we’ve had a car with third row seating and wow does it make a difference. As busy moms, you have to stick together and the neighborhood moms and I try to help each other out with drop offs and pickups when we can. Bailey loves being able to show her friends the extra seating that holds 7 in total. Getting her own row separate from her two year old sister also makes her extra cool in front of her friends. 

“Mom we need to bring a snack tomorrow for my celebration at school!” It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I’ve already done the shopping for the holiday but sure what’s another quick trip to the store?!  It’s 5 o’clock rush hour in the city and everyone is rushing home. The Blind Spot Information System on our Ford Explorer side mirrors is a smart feature that really help when out by signaling a cross-traffic alert when someone is getting too close. Our neighborhood has brand new bike lanes and now that it’s dark out, the mirrors help alert you to bikers close by.  The mirrors start to flash as I’m merging to turn on a mad dash to the grocery store for my little turkey, again. 

Keeping It All Together With Ford

Keeping It All Together With Ford

An extra stop means I’m going to be a little late. Hoping Joey can pick up Mia from preschool, I ask Siri to help me out while I drive through traffic. “Hey Siri, text Joey, Are you able to get Mia?” It’s sent. Hands free. The Bluetooth phone system in the Explorer helps you with voice command. Siri interrupts our jam session with a text back from Joey. “I’ve got her, see you at home” Siri reads out loud. Next she asked if I would like to reply. Yes I say. “Thanks, I love you.” as I see the message being sent on the LCD touchscreen. 

We’re out of the store and we’ve got the groceries packed up in the trunk. Even with the extra layer of seating, there’s still enough space for a full load of groceries. And in my family, we eat a lot. That’s a lot of space. For even extra space, the back row folds down to make room for cargo,

The next day I drop the girls each off at school and I drive into the office. Smart technology in the Ford Explorer helps me to stay organized. Using the voice activated technology, I take a client call on my way to work hands-free. As a working mom, every minute towards productivity counts. 5 o’clock comes around and it’s back to job #1, being a mom. Leveraging technology in my car enables me keep the flow and all balls up in the air. I hop out of the car, total boss status.

Keeping It All Together With Ford

Keeping Our Traditions

Having little ones is about building traditions. After Thanksgiving every year we take a mini road trip to a Christmas Tree Farm in New Jersey. It’s so much fun to hunt down the perfect tree. For road trips the intelligent adaptive cruise control helps us keep pace on our journey but it also anticipates traffic ahead and slows down the SUV if traffic has stopped or slowed. It makes for smooth drives, even with a toddler 😉 

We rotate between songs for the girls and pack plenty of snacks. No matter how big of a tree we pick out I know our Ford Explorer can handle it back to the city. Now that Mia is two, I’m looking forward to making more exciting holiday memories together with our family this year.

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Keeping It All Together With FordKeeping It All Together With FordKeeping It All Together With Ford Keeping It All Together With FordKeeping It All Together With Ford

Game Changer

With so many choices available to us today, settling just isn’t an option. Having a vehicle that gets the job done and helps you keep it all together is critical when you’re wearing so many hats. For me, I love that the Ford Explorer not only does this but comes with extra perks and little luxuries. Be sure to check out your local Ford Store this holiday. 

Keeping It All Together With Ford


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