Everything I’ve Learned About the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program

Editor’s update: As of late 2022, the Pinterest Creator Reward Program has been discontinued. It was fun while it lasted! Another testament to the fast changing world of social media. 

Late last year in 2021 Pinterest rolled out the Pinterest Creator Reward Program. In January, I joined the Pinterest Creator Reward Program and this post covers everything I’ve learned!

For context about me, you can view my Pinterest Page here where I post in the verticals of easy recipes, family travel, home and decor and other lifestyle moments. At the date of this post I have 5.5k followers and average 1M monthly impressions. 

It has been fascinating to watch platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and now Pinterest compete for creators to stay and invest in the platforms. I think it’s safe to say in 2022, the value of the Content Creator is finally being realized. 

Read on for more about the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program and why I’ve chosen Pinterest as one of the platforms to invest in. 

What is the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program?

From the Pinterest Website: 

“The Creator Rewards is a program for creators to earn money for creating original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest. Pinterest will pay creators directly for their most inspiring, quality content and organic engagement.”

Basically, it’s a program that once in, pays Creators to create Idea Pins and so far it’s awesome! 

Pinterest Creator Rewards Program.

Take a peak into my Creator Rewards Hub on Pinterest!

How to get Access to Creator Rewards

After being a long time business account user on Pinterest, I had creator rewards as soon as it hit beta. I think it helped that I was very active at the time and still am. 

You can request access to the creator program by applying. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements yet you will not have access to apply. 

To be eligible for the Creator Rewards program you must have a business account, create original content and at least 1,000 followers. 

Focus on Idea Pins

In 2021, Pinterest users saw a shift from static pins to idea pins and creators were left to adapt. An idea pin takes you through, usually a step by step guide OR a series of a topic. Here is one of my top performing idea pins as an example. Go on, you know you want to pin it!

Idea pins can be anywhere between 1-16 slides. The upside and focus of idea pins for Pinterest is to keep people on the app vs a static pin that links out. As Pinterest moves along side the world in creator rewards, they are also moving quickly towards growth in app shopping and advertisers. 

Monthly Goals

Each month, new reward goals are assigned. Rewards are based around obtaining a specific action such as saves, takes, comments/engagement or other user action. There is also typically a “jump start reward” to get creators going as well as a larger reward that rewards consistency. 

One of my favorite rewards is the Creator Content award that rewards and pays creators for one new original idea pin a week. This reward amount has been from 900-1300. 

Pinterest Creator Rewards Monthly Goals

Here is a screen shot inside the Pinterest “Earn Hub” that shows the monthly goals, payout amounts and approval status of idea pins within the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program.

Another reward is a reward that pays creators for creating a series and sharing the progress in 3 pins. This award amount is typically $600. 

All content must be new and within your niche. This means that if you’re a recipe blogger like me, you can’t just go start pinning about car mechanics. 

During and that the end of every month you can submit your pins to the Pinterest Creator Rewards monthly goals. They are then reviewed, approved and paid out in about 30 days are so. 

It’s been fun to test out, try and succeed with the monthly goals!

Constant Improvements 

The Pinterest Creator Rewards program is currently in Beta, which means it has bugs, errors but also constant improvements. Each month the program gets better, more concise and easier to understand. 

A great place to connect with others around the program, ask questions and get answers is the Pinterest Business Community. 

There is also a Creator Rewards Community…but right now it’s invite only as the program is in Beta. DM me on Instagram and I’m happy to share more.

Tips for Idea Pins

You can see one of my top performing Idea Pins here. This top pin features a recipe for dog treats. It’s been saved by over 7,000 people and is trending near 1 million impressions. Let’s break down what makes a successful idea pin!

Here are some tips for creating Idea Pins

  • Pins should be a minimum of 3 slides.
  • Using video on the first slide is a great best practice. Ensure there is video included in your idea pin. It should not be only static images. 
  • Ensure you’re following along and implementing the Pinterest Trends. 
  • Use the list feature to give the pins as many details as possible. 
  • Don’t use content from other platforms. Pins need to be original and shouldn’t have a TikTok or an IG watermark. 


As of May 2022, the creator reward amounts have dropped significantly. Creators are waiting to find out why. Stay tuned as I hope to have an update by next month. 

How to get into the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program?

You must have access to the Creator Hub and Earn tab in order to apply for Creator Rewards. To qualify, have a Pinterest business account, at least 1,000 followers and create original content.

Do Pinterest Creators get paid?

Creators who join the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program are paid for their creation of idea pins. Pins are reviewed and paid out on a monthly basis.

How many followers do you need on Pinterest to make money?

To earn access into the Pinterest Creator Rewards program you need at least a following of 1,000. You can succeed on Pinterest without a huge following unlike other platforms.

How much money can you make on Pinterest?

You can monetize your Pinterest page by joining the Creator Rewards Program. Through the program you can make from a few hundred bucks to up to 6,000 a month for some creators.



  1. June 10, 2022 / 3:49 am

    Hi! I’m in Creator rewards now and I had a question about whether there is a limit to the # of pins that can be submitted to the $25 for each idea pin $2 for each save this month. I see a max earnings potential but I don’t see a max amount of pins that can be submitted but it stopped allowing me to submit pins. So I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or if it’s a limit. Just curious if you know! thanks!

    • Chocolate and Lace
      June 18, 2022 / 8:41 am

      Hey Tory! Thanks for sharing your experience, I love to connect with other creators about the rewards program and learn together. You’re right that there isn’t a specific amount of pins as it depends on when you max out to the 1k. I would plan depending on your average number of saves and then monitor throughout the month so you don’t upload pins to the goal when you’ve already hit the limit.

      Were you in the program prior to May? I’m still eager to learn why Pinterest changed their goals amounts so drastically.

  2. June 27, 2022 / 12:54 am

    Hello! Thank you for a good read. I was accepted into the creator rewards with a requirement of needing just 250 followers, which was amazing to me! I also found that after submitting 10 pins for the goal of $25 per pin, I was unable to submit any new pins to that goal. I know this is pretty new for Pinterest but it is great to see this being available at all! Hope this info helps others 🙂

    • Chocolate and Lace
      July 2, 2022 / 11:36 am

      Hey Jamie! That’s awesome. Congrats and thanks for sharing about the limits on pins. For sure we all need to help each other with tips and tricks!

    • Morgan McBride
      July 14, 2022 / 9:24 pm

      Hey Jamie did you get in as soon as you hit 250 followers or was it a random amount of time later?

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