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If you’ve been following along on my Instagram for the past few months you’d seen me showing my try on’s and doing my Nuuly Reviews on stories.

So what is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a subscription-based clothing rental service from one of my favorite brands, Anthropolgie. This post is NOT sponsored (although Nuuly, if you want to, I’m you’re girl) so giving you the scoop on Nuuly clothing rental service. 

The feature photo is by Philadelphia-based Photographer Gab Bonghi.

As an ex retail exec, my closet has always been packed. Overloaded and still nothing to wear. In an effort to both make smarter money decisions around my wardrobe and be sustainable. I started using clothing rental services in 2019. I’ve tried a few and finally have one to blog about, Nuuly. The others I tried were good too, but jumped in costs after promotional periods ended in a major way or didn’t meet my everyday wardrobe needs. 

Here is my $10 Off Code to Try NUULY.

Included in this post are some of my Instagram looks in which I’ve used my Nuuly Wardrobe. 


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Handling Winter like the true boss that I am 🐩 🐩🐩 #snowsquall

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  • Receive 6 items a month for $88.
  • The package arrives in the cutest way. I feel like I receive my own personal little trunk. If you’re on the east coast, it comes super fast as they ship from the state of PA. All orders are shipped 2-day business Monday – Friday.
  • You do not need to clean anything, dry cleaning is included. Shipping is also included.
  • I’ve literally oohed and ahhed at brand new items on the floor in Anthropologie, went onto Nuuly and found I can rent the SAME EXACT item. I’ve even received some items in my order with tags on them. Craziness. 
  • Improves sustainability in your wardrobe. Especially for those events where you’d only wear something 1x. After you’ve shot and posted that lime green dress are you really wearing it again? Don’t lie, you’re not. Overall, Nuuly is a great online marketplace for sustainable shoppers.
  • If you find something you love, you can buy it at a discount. So far I’ve bought sweaters and jeans. Staple items I grew to love over a month and could justify making a permanent place in my closet for. 
  • You get to Marie Kondo your closet because you’re going to need space for your new babies every 30 days.

Nuuly Review


  • The items cannot be switched in and out. However, you can add an additional item for $18 each. 
  • I wish there were more of a discount on some of the items. Most are only discounted about 20% but I’m seeing steeper discounts as time goes on. 
  • There was a waiting list at one point. Comment below if you’re aware there isn’t any longer. 
  • I sent my items back before my return date by a few days. My next Nuuly doesn’t “unlock” until my billing date. It’s hard to get this exactly perfect and really only have 25 days are so with your items due to shipping. I would love it to unlock as soon as the items are received back at Nuuly so you can then order new items and maximize your rental time. 
  • If it’s too big or too small, you can’t switch it out. A friend told me she called and they offered her an additional item the next go around because one of her items were too small. 

My Tips for Shopping on Nuuly

  • Before you add an item, see who the brand is and check their sizing online. 
  • Do a try on in Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropolgie so you know in general what your sizes are in each. They each run differently. 
  • Save your favorite items to your closet. This helps you be fast in your check out each month and plan your outfits accordingly. 
  • You can freeze your profile/subscription at any time!
  • Refer your friends! You can $10 off/month when you do and so does your friend when you use the Nuuly discount code.

Nuuly Discount Code

I hope this Nuuly review helped, I’d love to hear your experience! Feel free to DM me or comment below with any questions. I hope you try it, live more sustainably and love it as much as I do!


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Saw Santa today. Told him I’ve been NICE all year. 🍦Photo by the insanely talented @gabonghi 📸 for @continentaloldcity

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