Hair Goals Achieved at Strand Salon

Where ever I go there is one question I am always asked. “Who does your hair?”

 Step into Strand Salon in the heart of Glastonbury, CT and you can feel the energy. Husband and wife team, Paul Misciagno and Jennifer Casserino-Misciagno have created the chic atmosphere that hair goals are made of.  The two have mastered the core of ambience with their sleek black and white salon design and the ‘Strand’ way of rolling out the red carpet when you walk in the door.

 Owner and Master Colorist, Jennifer, possesses a fierce ability in being selective that her salon contains only the best for her clients. Combine that with, Owner and Master Stylist, Paul’s creativity and you get impeccable service with a pair that will have you walking out of their salon with confidence, beauty and their own personal Strand stamp ready to take on the world. This power couple won’t settle and when it comes to your hair, neither should you.

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Using R + Co, Davines and Goldwell Color products, Strand works to make hair magic. To me, the most important quality in a hair expert is honesty. You need to trust that they will guide you when you’re coming in with those celebrity hair photos.  Strand will use your own personal attributes to achieve the look while also informing you of the things you may not know and the oh so important ‘need to knows’ of hair maintenance. The Strand team has the integrity of ensuring each client is happy with their service. You may come in wanting to look like Beyoncé, but the Strand team will leaving you looking like a better option, your best self. They love a transformation but  can also appreciate the client that comes in wanting the same exact cut every single time…(not mentioning any names)…but either way you leave feeling empowered about your look. Strand is about more than just hair, they have perfected the salon experience. strand team 2


Warm up that color and you’ll be golden! When the seasons change, so should your hair. Anytime you change your lip shade from light to dark or vice versa, your locks need to change as well. Fall color doesn’t mean you have to go dark. Honey blondes, brondes, strawberry gold, cinnamon and cool chestnut tones are all on the lighter end of the color spectrum and a great way for beachy summer blondes and silvery platnium babes to have a nice change for fall. If you are a brunette opt for some rich chocolate tones, gold browns or even some dark mahogany reds. If you know you are going to want to go light again for spring, keep that in mind and stay away from those super dark tresses that will compromise reaching your light hair goals for warmer months.  ~Jennifer Casserino -Misciagno, Owner and Master Colorist

2. Ask for an Interior Cut. Ensure your stylist is giving you an interior cut vs an exterior cut. An exterior cut will leave you feeling heavy and weighted with a grow out that will bring you right back to the salon in 2-3 weeks. An interior cut cuts into the shape of your hair to make it last with shape and through grow out. Cutting interior layers will help create the soft, gradient feel in the bulk of the hair. ~ Paul Misciagno, Owner and Master Stylist

3. Work With What You’ve Got! I am a firm believer in working with what you have rather than trying to looking like everyone else. If your hair is naturally curly, let’s color your hair with a lot of dimension and provide you with the right product and tools to style in a way that will enhance texture. Why fight your hair when you can work with it’s natural beauty to have amazing hair that is different and personal for you, not to mention, easier to work with! ~ Lauren Caruso, Colorist and Makeup Artist

4. Clarify! All that sun, salt water, leave-in’s and SPF’s can be damaging on summer hair. A clarifying treatment will help get rid of all the build up and get your hair back to a healthy and maximum shine state. Maintaining the integrity of your hair is of upmost importance so it can be ready for beautiful fall color. ~ Lindsay Ritchie, Colorist

5. Moisturize! Every woman’s best accessory is her hair. We all want beautiful, shiny, healthy locks. As a professional, my number one tip especially when the season’s change, is to moisturize. We put our hair so many things without realizing it. Indulge in a deep conditioning treatment that’s catered to your hair, especially curly hair which tends to be a bit drier. These treatments will keep you on the road to soft, nourished hair with minimal breakage and aiding in growth and length. ~ Sandy Sou, Cutting Specialist

6. Volumize! Dry shampoo can be your best friend for second or third day hair, but did you also know that a dry shampoo is amazing for fine or limp hair that just needs volume?! Take your favorite dry shampoo (I recommend ‘Dessert Valley’ by R+Co) and lift hair and spray about 6 inches away directly on the root area only. Continue this throughout all areas that need a boost and let air dry. For added volume hold hair up in the opposite direction that hair will fall and hit the root that was just sprayed with a blow dryer for a few seconds with hot air, working the area with your fingers. Once the dry shampoo is locked in, drop that section and move to the other designated areas in need of mega volume. ~ Brooke Filipowcz, Stylist in Training and Makeup Artist

Always remember, this is YOUR hair! Ensure you know and trust who is doing your hair. Owner and Master Stylist Jennifer confirms “If you are looking for a big change, do some research on your stylist and ALWAYS book a consultation before you see a new stylist. A consultation is usually free and can be a life saver for your hair. You should leave the consult feeling completely confident in your new stylist! If not, keep interviewing. This is your hair, not a pair of jeans you can return if you don’t like them!”. Hair goals achieved at Strand Salon.

For more about Strand Salon and booking call 1.860.659.8227 or

Check out photos from a Strand Salon shoot with photographer, Paul Misciagno. Jenny: hair and makeup, styled by Brooke Filipowicz and Lindsay Ritchie.  Model Anna: hair and makeup, styled by Lauren Caruso and Sandy Sou.




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  1. Tyler Young
    October 18, 2015 / 5:12 pm

    Great Blog Jenny! I too am a product of Strand….love how they have tamed my mane and helped me to keep up the look on my own without alot of fuss 🙂

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