All White Bedding Update

Here I’m sharing my all white bedding update for a fresh reset on my bedroom. 

I don’t know about you guys but I have been craving a clean slate on everything. Refreshed and renewed as we all come out of a super challenging time that continues on, I’m loving simple comforts like a warm cup of a coffee and a soft fuzzy blanket. Back from vacation and in “reset” mode, I decided to update our bedding for a simple soft look. 

With a goodnight’s rest and sleep being one of the import things you can take care of for your health and wellness, they say your bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary. I’ve pulled together below my favorite top white bedding, comforters, sheets and pillow cases. 

Lifestyle Blogger Chocolate & Lace shares her all white bedding update.

About our bedroom in our historic home: Our walls are dark grey with white trim while our flooring is wood. Our home was built in 1670 and has original floors. The wood in the floors is from an old wooden ship called the Sea Squirrel. Sailors and travelers used to come off the Delaware River and stay in the home and around the area. The bedroom also has a fire place that we’ve never used although it’s working! 

For my quick all white bedding update I purchase this Soft Handcrafted Cotton Quilt. I love that it’s so simple but a bit textured. All new soft white pillow cases were a must and a new set of high thread count white sheets. Climbing into bed with fresh sheets and bedding is so nice! 

All white has brought my bedroom serenity and calm. 


Here are some things I googled as I selected all white for bedding. I loved the look but wasn’t sure how to make my investment items last. Here some FAQ’s about bedding:

How long should you keep pillows for?

Did you guys know you should keep your pillows 2 years tops?! If they are feeling a little flimsy fluff them up but if it’s been 2 years or longer, it may be time for replacements. 

Lifestyle Blogger Chocolate & Lace shares her all white bedding update.

How do you keep white sheets white?

Bleach can help but overtime white sheets lose their crisp color and can turn yellow. Try this greener version hack to keep sheets white.

Add 1/2 cup of baking soda along with the detergent when you’re washing white bed linens during the wash cycle. Skip the softener and pour in a 1/2 cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle. The vinegar smell rinses out, but the vinegar leaves sheets feeling soft when combined with the baking soda in the wash.

You can also rinse the sheets in a big tub with these ingredients and lemon juice prior to throwing in the laundry. These natural ingredients should keep your whites super bright and white. 

Lifestyle Blogger Chocolate & Lace shares her all white bedding update.

How often should you wash your sheets?

Okay so this may be a personal preference but you should wash your sheets at LEAST every other week. If you sweat a lot in your sleep, you should increase the frequency of washing. I mean, when you get home and into bed from a long day don’t you want it to be so fresh and so clean?!

Does thread count actually matter?

In my opinion yes! But it’s not a be all end all. Generally, the higher the thread count the softer the sheet and longer it will last. You’ll at least want 300 count sheets. 300-700 is a great spot of thread count. If you’re super bougie go for the 800-1000 count! The sheets I just purchased shown here for 500 count. 

Lifestyle Blogger Chocolate & Lace shares her all white bedding update.




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