We Got a Goldendoodle Puppy!

We got a Goldendoodle puppy! Smack in the middle of quarantine and during a trip to a dog park…with no dog…we decided to get a dog. I’ve been a life long dog owner and after Olivia died two summers ago, I lost a piece of me I just wasn’t ready to “replace”. I also knew that we wanted a bigger dog and living in the city, in a trinity apartment as renters knew the decision to get a dog wasn’t so easy.

Yet Bailey, who is literally a dog whisper and Joey, who’s never had a dog of his own…really deserved a loving pup. (We actually think Mia *MIGHT* be a cat person LOL.)

We got a Goldendoodle Puppy!

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For a few Saturdays in a row we went to what we thought was a hiking trail but turned out to be a dog park. This dog park is dog heaven. It’s a fenced in trail with plenty of space, beautiful landscaping and a small brook that dogs loved to play in. I think the first time I cried to see all the loving dogs with their owners (guys still really not over Olivia) but saw how happy all the dogs were playing in the water and running around freely.

The last time we went, there were two tan colored Goldendoodle pups. Six feet away, I asked the owners about their experience and where they got the puppies. They were very happy so the next day we took a drive nearly two hours away to see some puppies. (this was before further mandates were in place around travel)

Why a Goldendoodle?

We are renters who’ve lived in the same home for 3 years and don’t have plans to move for 1-2 years more, after many conversations with our landlord, we are only allowed to get a hypoallergenic dog as our landlord, who loves dogs but is sadly allergic. We visited many pups at shelters, I called shelters for weeks to find a hypoallergenic dog but as much shelter dogs are mixed, adopting wasn’t in the cards at this time.

Here is a complete list of items we got for our new puppy including his favorite bed!

Goldendoodles are one of the breeds most closely to a Golden Retriever (which I grew up with and are great family dogs) and a breed I’ve always adored. We also did not want a small dog. I couldn’t bear to get another “Olivia.”

A Goldendoodle is a mixed breed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. In our case, we got a MINI Goldendoodle! This wasn’t an intentional desire, it’s what was available and figured the size would be perfect for city living. He is expected to grow to 30-40 lbs and is an F2B Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodles make for great family pets are a great with small children.

Where did we get him?

So many people have DM’d me to ask where we got him. Finding a Goldendodle Breeder was easy! We got him from Little Mountain Doodles in Meyerstown, PA. I had never been that far out into PA before but the breeder was very caring, knowledgable and loved her dogs. It also helped that we got a great first hand experience from another family first that had gotten one of LMD’s dogs.

See for yourself why we love Bark Box for our pup!

We viewed some of the puppies online first but I’m a firm believer that a dog chooses YOU and not the other way around. Theo was the pup that engaged all of us one by one. Snuggles, licks and big puppy eyes. Joey also wanted a boy. (to be fair this was his only shot at evening out the household so I obliged) So when the breeder confirmed he was a boy (guys I wasn’t sure how to tell LOL) it was a YES! Joey put a deposit on him and we needed to return in two weeks to get him as he wasn’t ready to leave his litter yet.

We got a Goldendoodle Puppy!

What did we name him?

Our puppy’s name is Theo Leo Cappuccino. Go ahead, say it outloud 🙂 He has 3 names, yes that’s correct. “Theo” is the name he came with. Each puppy in his litter had a name to identify them. I loved it and though it fit him. Leo is the name that Joey and I were going to name Mia, if she was a boy (luckily she was a girl!!!) so Leo is a name we’ve both loved.

Lastly, the puppy has the sweetest white markings. His chest and underbelly are white as the tips of his feet and tail. He also has a white marking on his head – honestly, he’s the pups version of Latte Art. Bailey threw out the name Cappuccino one day as we were still debating and Theo Leo Cappuccino was formed. It totally fits.

Be prepared for lots more from Theo Leo Cappuccino, especially on Tiktok and for now enjoy the sweetest pups pics!

We got a Goldendoodle Puppy!

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